Apple event scorecard autumn 2017

I know this is a little late, but here’s a quick rundown of how I did in my predictions in September.

1. There will be no 7s ✅

I got that right (mostly). The new “normal” iPhones were in fact called the 8 and 8 plus. However, I was wrong about the name of the new, top of the line model. This is infact the iPhone X [^1]

2. The Edition will be a ‘taste from the future’ ❌

We will have to see about whether the X line continues onto next year, but there was no real justification for this newest, top of the line model above the new design and features.

3. The Edition will be very expensive ✅

The price I predicted was pretty much dead on.

Total score: 2/3

Not bad for a first attempt, though I’ll make a slightly more extensive list of predictions in future.

[^1] Which is pronounced “10” for some strange reason. Nobody will call it that, and they will to have to call the 2019 iPhones something entirely different now.