iPhones in 2017

All of the rumours so far have suggested that we’re going to see three iPhones announced at the event next week: two that look somewhat similar to the 7 and 7 plus, as well as another futuristic model. I’ll get a couple of predictions out here so I can say I told you so or face the shame of being wrong online. I’ll be watching the event, and follow up with my score.

1. There will be no 7s

The current rumours are saying that all models will have glass backs, possibly with wireless charging. If the iPhone 7 got a new number, despite looking similar to the 6 in nearly every way, you can bet that models with new materials will get a new number too. My official name predictions: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone Edition.

2. The Edition will be a ‘taste from the future’

The third model (Edition), with the front of the device nearly totally covered in screen, will be presented as a way to get the future of the iPhone early. I’m also predicting that this is a one-off event, with the line-up dropping back to 2 models next year. They’ll have very similar designs to this year’s Edition, with a plus-sized model in a similar design available.

3. The Edition will be very expensive

If this model is sitting above the 8 and 8 plus in price (which it will), it’s going to be a very expensive phone. I’m predicting a starting price of $999, though I would expect a large amount of storage included with this. Premium phone, premium price.