Best of 2016 🍾

It’s finally the end of 2016, a year that hasn’t been great for many people, me included. In terms of media, however, 2016 has been fairly successful. I’m currently working on “best media of 2016” posts, so keep tuned.

As for my personal photo project, I won’t be continuing to post a photo every day, as it has resulted in me sharing below-par pictures on some days. I will still be taking photos every day, and sharing any worthwhile pictures on Instagram. I also need to pick a new project for 2017, so I’ll update you when I’ve worked out what that’ll be.

My best photos of 2016

10 - Dubrovnik, Croatia


I had to include a picture from my holiday to Croatia, and Dubrovnik was probably the most interesting, and most beautiful, place I visited while there. If you get the chance, spend a few days there, walk around the old town, and visit the nearby beaches.

9 - Autumn leaves

/Autumn leaves.jpeg

I took this photo the day after my dad’s birthday, right in the middle of autumn as the weather starts to get cold. The evergreen hedge contrasting with the orange and brown leaves from a nearby tree epitomises the season for me.

8 - Latitude Festival


I’ve been to Latitude three or four times now, and enjoyed it every time. It’s not to big, meaning you can always get close to the front, and there’s always something else going on if you get sick of the music.

7 - Flowering


This picture in May was taken on one of the first really nice days of the year. The blue sky matched the blue/indigo flowers.

6 - Tangled


In April, spring is usually fully underway. This plant, however, had an unusual split between the green and flowering half and a half of bare branches, showing the tangled mess underneath.

5 - Cape Cod, USA

/Cape Cod.jpeg

I went with my family to Boston and Cape Cod earlier in the year, visiting my uncle (and having a bit of a holiday). We were extremely lucky with the weather, never having a bad day, so spent most of the time while in Cape Cod on the beach.

4 - Winter


This was taken a few days ago, at around 3pm in Kensington, just as the sun was starting to set. It was a crisp, clear, and very cold day, which is about as good as you can hope for in the middle of winter.

3 - Tree stump

/Tree stump.jpeg

This tree stump is the remains of a very old tree in Bushy Park that was hit by lightening. All the tiny holes are signs of some sort of life long after the tree itself died.

2 - Fruits


This was taken with the depth effect on my iPhone 7 plus. I’ve found this mode to be very hit and miss, but when it works you can get a pretty nice effect.

1 - Stairs


This photo is from one of my favourite places in London, the Tate Modern. Specifically, this picture was taken in its new Switch House extension. The whole of the Tate Modern is an amazing building which has some of the best modern art in the world housed inside. If you ever find yourself in London, make time to visit.