Best of November 🍂

So its the end of Autumn (or fall if you’re from that part of the world), but it really feels like winter. This morning, as I was walking in to university, it was -3ºC (26ºF), which is the sort below the average for London even in the depths of winter. It being the end of November, we are close to the end of 2016, which if I’m honest I’ll be glad to see the back of, but I’m sure I’ll write about that in next months extra-special End-of-year roundup. Now, onto the photos:

Number 5


My 5th favourite photo from November, taken from within the grounds of my university as the sun was setting.

Number 4


This was another photo taken as the sun was starting to set, and you can see the small fluffy clouds reflecting the oranges and pinks of the sun.

Number 3


Although a lot of my photos are of nature, plants, on skylines, I really like the sharp geometry found in man-made structures. This could be linked to my love of brutalist architecture as shown in one of my favourite photos of the year (spoilers).

Number 2


This photo, despite being taken at the start of November and featuring autumnal fallen leaves, makes me feel really Xmassy for some reason. Maybe it’s the Spruce-like needles on the hedge in the foreground.

Number 1


This is the only photo using the ‘depth effect’ feature on the iPhone 7 to appear in my round-up this month. That’s in part to do with the hit-and-miss quality of the pictures, and party due to the fact it takes a bit longer to take each picture. Although I’m sure this would look better with a proper DSLR, I’m still pretty pleased with how this photo came out.