Best of October 👻

On Halloween night, the spoookiest time of the year, I’m writing my round-up of the photos I took over the last month. As always, I’ll list my five favourite photos from October, from fifth to first.

Number 5

Since we’re well into autumn (or fall if you’re American) here in the northern hemisphere, the leaves on the trees are changing into reds and yellows.

Number 4

Since getting the iPhone 7+, I’ve been making good use of the 2x lens. This is a good example of where being able to get a closer look at a subject really helps.

Number 3

This was taken as the sun was starting to set, resulting in some nice long shadows from the rail tracks. Plus it’s always nice to make some use of travel time.

Number 2

This is a sunset photo looking over the Thames, with some lovely colours reflecting off the water. The wide colour gamut in the new camera (and screen) of the iPhone 7 really makes a huge difference with photos like this.

Number 1

This photo looks pretty noisy, due to the low light, but I really love the contrast of light and dark. This was taken using the portrait mode feature, which is very hit and miss, but when it works it can make photos look great.