Scored - Apple September 2018 predictions

Apple had their event on 12th September, and I’m finally getting round to grading my predictions.


  • iPhone X s (5.8”) and X s plus (6.5”) with a new gold colour. Correct mostly, except the larger XS is called ‘Max’.
  • iPhone 9 (6.1” with an X-like design, aluminium frame, a range of colours) Correct, apart from the name (iPhone XR).
  • iPhone 8 and 8 plus. Correct/
  • New replacement for the 7 (possibly using the SE name). Wrong.

Total score: 3/4.

Apple Watch

  • New designs with larger screens but similar x and y dimensions of previous models. Old bands still work. No new colours. Correct.
  • More complications available only on the newer models. Correct.
  • Series 3 becomes cheaper, 4g option exclusive to Series 4. Correct.

Total score: 3/3


My prediction for other devices:

  • Updated Apple TV with faster processor. Nope.
  • A release date for AirPower Wrong. In fact, it may even be cancelled.
  • A release date for AirPods wireless charging case. Wrong.
  • No new iPads at this event. Yep.
  • No new Macs at this event. Correct.
  • An update on iOS 12 and Mojave (announcing release date, mentioning removal of Group FaceTime). Not really.
  • Wildcard - Dark Mode exclusive to new iPhones and iPhone X. No dark mode on iOS this year, so we’ll have to wait for iOS 13.

Score: 2/7.


Overall score: 8/14.

This year my overall result is 57%, which isn’t the best grade. This is mainly due to having a large number of wildcard picks, with most of them incorrect. I’ll try again when Apple has their next event, most likely next month.