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Best of 2016 🍾

Dec 31, 2016

It’s finally the end of 2016, a year that hasn’t been great for many people, me included. In terms of media, however, 2016 has been fairly successful. I’m currently working...

Best of November 🍂

Dec 1, 2016

So its the end of Autumn (or fall if you’re from that part of the world), but it really feels like winter. This morning, as I was walking in to...

Best of October 👻

Oct 31, 2016

On Halloween night, the spoookiest time of the year, I’m writing my round-up of the photos I took over the last month. As always, I’ll list my five favourite photos...

Best of January ❄️

Jan 31, 2016

Since I’ve reached the end of the first month of my blog, I’ve decided to do another post today, with a countdown of my favourite photos of this month. Onwards...