Us (2019)

‘Us’ is the second film by director Jordan Peele, following on from the hugely successful ‘Get Out’. This horror film focusses on a family on holiday in Santa Cruz. When the mother (Adelaide, played by Lupita Nyong’o) was a child, she had visited this beach. After wondering off on her own, she entered a hall of mirrors and met a girl who looked exactly like her, an even that scarred her. While the family is staying in the same area in the present day, Adelaide and her family are terrorised by people that look exactly like them.

I loved this film; the acting from the main cast, the lighting and camera work, and the soundtrack were all very strong. The story all made sense as you watch it but left me and my partner discussing what exactly was going in and why things happened as they did for hours after watching it. It reminded me of ‘The Shining’ in some ways, perhaps deliberately. There was use of Native American imagery throughout, and one character limping while carrying a weapon was reminiscent to Jack Torrence at the end of ‘The Shining’.

‘Us’ is a film I want to watch again to attempt to answer some of the questions it left me, and to look at certain scenes with the knowledge I have now. It’s definitely worth watching if you like horror films. ★★★★☆