Incredibles 2 (2018)

Pixar have made some of my favourite films, from their first feature, the amazing Toy Story, to their incredible take on the superhero genre (if you’ll pardon my pun). Incredibles 2 takes place immediately after the ending of the first film, even though the release was 14 years later.

We follow the struggles of the Parr family in a world where ‘supers’ are illegal. Elasigirl, or Hellen Parr (the mother) is recruited to act as an example of what a super can be by Rick Dicker and his very gay sister Evelyn.

The animation looked great, as always in Pixar films, and the voice performances were strong. While not my favourite superhero film of 2018 (that would be Black Panther), it’s another strong Pixar film and definitely worth a watch.