Split (2016)

This review is pretty late, as my real life responsibilities got in the way a bit. I watched Split as film 2 of 52 this year, and was fairly pleased. The cinematography was great, especially for a horror film. I enjoyed the setting also, with most of the film taking place in an underground complex (the location of which is revealed right at the end so I won’t spoil it). The actors all do a good job in this film, and in particular the two leads (James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy, the latter the star of the excellent 2015 film WITCH) did an excellent job.

I should also address the presentation of mental illness in this film. Clearly DID (or “split-personality”) in real life is nothing like how it appears in the film. One aspect (personality) cannot be allergic to bees while another is not, and different aspects can’t have differing strengths or abilities. However, I’m willing to overlook many of these issues, as this is clearly meant to be more of a fantastical rather than realistic film. The ending, however, felt like it was trying to be deeper and more meaningful than it actually was, and instead came across as cheesy.

Overall I enjoyed watching Split, even if it was kinda dumb at times. ★★★☆☆