Woven Nylon band review

I bought the new nylon strap for the Apple Watch when it was announced, partly because I love my watch still, and partly because it was pretty cheap for a watch band at £39. I’ve been wearing it since it arrived, just over a week ago, so here are my thoughts so far.


I chose the gold/red colour band, since I already owned the turquoise sport band and wanted something that would look noticeably different. The red and yellow lines make the strap look a warm brown from a distance, which has a nice effect. I particularly like the fact that the inside of the band has the colouring of the Gold/Royal Blue strap. This isn’t something you can see when the watch is on, but it’s a nice little touch. The main thing I dislike is the hard plastic connectors used to slot the strap into the watch — they feel cheap, though what can you expect for the price.


The strap is basically comfortable on the wrist, though it isn’t as smooth as the sport band, or as perfectly form-fitting as the Milanese loop. I’d be perfectly happy to wear this strap all of the time if it were the only one I owned, but it’s unlikely to replace my other straps day to day. In terms of how difficult it is to put on, I’d rate it easier than the sport band, but harder than the Milanese. The other thing I have to mention is that the strap has already started to deform slightly in the time I’ve been wearing it. Not a deal-breaker, but something to keep in mind.


This is a good strap, which I liked with some caveats. I’d recommend this strap to somebody who owns an Apple Watch with another strap, but if you’re buying a new watch, you’re probably better off getting the sport band to start with. It’s more comfortable, looks very nice, and is more durable.

★ ★ ★ ½ ☆