Ad-blocking on iOS

With iOS 9, it became possible to install apps that allow you to block all ads on the internet (but unfortunately not in apps). However, since it’s not totally simple to enable them, I made a quick guide, with screenshots.

First, go to the app store and find your ad-blocker app. I’m using one called Adamant , but it’s the same process for any app.

Once your app of choice has downloaded, you’ll need to exit to the home screen, and go to the settings page. Scroll until you find the section labled ‘Safari’, and tap on that. In that screen, there should be an option labled ‘Content Blockers’.

Once you’ve tapped on the ‘Content Blockers’ label, there should be a screen with the name of the ad-blocker app listed. If you have more than one app installed that can block ads, they will all be on this screen. By default, these apps are disabled by iOS. To enable ad-blocking, flick the switch next to the app to the green ‘on’ position (as shown below).

Some ad-blocker apps might have some settings in the app that you can interact with, and others (like Adamant), are just ready to go at this point. Now you won’t see any ads in safari, and should save data and battery life (for more info on that, see the link below), as well as speeding up your web-browsing speed considerably.