San Fransisco

This was my first time visiting the city, and only second time in the US, and I enjoyed nearly every minute of it. San Fransisco is a lovely city to visit (though not sure about live in because of the ridiculous rent cost).

The many hills in the city offer amazing views. One day I climbed up to Coit Tower, which offers some of the best vistas in the city.

I also enjoyed some of the amazing coffee from Blue Bottle and Sightglass, a boat trip round the bay, walking through the various parts of the city, and using Uber for the first time. I particularly recommend visiting Clarion Alley if you have the chance. They have a mural project, where artists are invited to paint murals all along the walls of the alley.

I took dozens of pictures of the murals down that alley. All round the mission there are other buildings and streets with murals painted on them, some of them historically and culturally important.

All in all, it’s a city that’s well worth a visit if you get a chance.